Leah Stein picture
Leah Stein
Catherine Dehaemers picture
Catherine Dehaemers
Vice President
Lexi Drosos picture
Lexi Drosos
Lianna Giachino picture
Lianna Giachino
Jackie Bryson picture
Jackie Bryson
Member Educator
Olivia McFadden picture
Olivia McFadden
Personnel Chair
Kate Solem picture
Kate Solem
Recruitment Chair
Annabelle Colombo picture
Annabelle Colombo
Panhellenic Delegate
Katie Dixon picture
Katie Dixon
Director of Programming
Ella Grace Bickley picture
Ella Grace Bickley
Facility Manager
Mia Schloegel picture
Mia Schloegel
Campus Activities Director
Katie Neal picture
Katie Neal
Career and Personal Development Director
Evie Gruenbacher picture
Evie Gruenbacher
Community Service Director
Brooke West picture
Brooke West
DEI Chair
Katherine Ewing picture
Katherine Ewing
DEI Chair
Margo Worley picture
Margo Worley
Marketing Director
Katherine Graham picture
Katherine Graham
Sisterhood Director
Rachel Berkley picture
Rachel Berkley
Social Events Director
Avery Amerio picture
Avery Amerio
Foundation Ambassador
Ava Lemon picture
Ava Lemon
Alumnae Relations Chair
Caroline Whipple picture
Caroline Whipple
RIF Chair