Koree Case picture
Koree Case
Emme Logan picture
Emme Logan
Vice President
Sarah Hanson picture
Sarah Hanson
Carly Flake picture
Carly Flake
Megan Hegarty picture
Megan Hegarty
Member Educator
Mira Felzien picture
Mira Felzien
Personnel Chair
Sydney Dahlgren picture
Sydney Dahlgren
Recruitment Chair
Tierney Sanders picture
Tierney Sanders
Panhellenic Delegate
Maggie Mahr picture
Maggie Mahr
Director of Marketing
Paige Harding picture
Paige Harding
Director of Programming
Grace Bolamperti picture
Grace Bolamperti
Director of Friendship/Social
Sarah Wood picture
Sarah Wood
Director of Sisterhood
Gabby Wadley picture
Gabby Wadley
Director of Campus Activities
Chessa McCalla picture
Chessa McCalla
Director of Career Development
Mia Schloegel picture
Mia Schloegel
Alumnae Relations
Leah Stein picture
Leah Stein
Foundation Ambassador
Caroline McCone picture
Caroline McCone
Taylor Powell picture
Taylor Powell
Facility Manager
Katy Wagner picture
Katy Wagner
RIF Chair